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EPA Product Warranty Information.

Electrical Products Australia products are all covered either by an In-Home Warranty or a Replacement Warranty.

In-Home Warranty means an electrician/service agent will be arranged onsite.

Replacement Warranty meaning a new product will be provided as a replacement if the original fails
within the warranty period. For replacement warranty the product is returned back to store (NB: Original date default back to the date of purchase).

The warranty period offered is dependent on the product group and is different between products.
Please check the below table for further information.

Ceiling Fan Warranty Statement EPA Australia


WARRANTY TERMS & CONDITIONS: • The 3* Year In-Home Warranty only applies if the product was purchased in Australia and does not transfer from the original purchaser

. All EPA products replaced under warranty are only warranted for the balance of the warranty period

• The additional 3 Year Replacement Warranty (motor only), the consumer is to arrange their own electrician to safely uninstall motor of the fan and return to the place of purchase with proof of purchase.

• The 3 Year In-Home Warranty does cover the remote control that is supplied with the DC and AC ceiling fans, but does not extend to the EPA product accessories such as remote controller kits and/or light fittings (including glass light shades) that have been fitted during or after the original EPA product installation. Globes/lamps are not covered under warranty.

• All accessories include remote controllers, wall controllers, ballasts, and light fittings included in the EPA original packaging have a 1 Year In-Home/Replacement Warranty. Remote controllers, wall controllers and light kits must be EPA approved and EPA branded products. The use of remote controllers, wall controllers and/or light kits which are not EPA approved and branded will subsequently void the warranty.

• Any changes to plated and/or painted finishes due to climate conditions will be assessed base on individual claim (with photos of installation and application environment  provided). Other circumstances deemed to be beyond the control of EPA Pty Ltd or their authorised agent are not covered under this warranty.

• Outdoor under-covered use of EPA ceiling fans must follow EPA application guide if not warranty will be void. Photos must be provided on installation and application environment.

• Threaded components such as blade nuts and screws may loosen during normal operation; these should be tightened regularly to ensure the fan does not develop noises during operation. If noises do develop, check this aspect before requesting service, as this is not covered under warranty.


• Any claim made in relation to this warranty is solely limited to the cost of replacement of the product, parts and labour of the authorised service agent approved by EPA Pty Ltd. No parts/products are to be disposed of prior to the Service Agents “In Home” warranty visit. No acceptance of other liability for incidental or consequential damage is covered.

• EPA Pty Ltd does not cover travelling costs incurred by service agents where service is requested by the purchaser outside of the EPA Pty Ltd service network. The EPA Pty Ltd service network is defined at our discretion, yet is limited by the boundary of the city in which you live. Travel outside of the city limits by the EPA Pty Ltd authorised service agent will incur commercial costs to be paid for by the purchaser at a rate calculated by the number of kilometres travelled beyond the city limits. Any service required outside of the service network will be provided in the following manner.

• It is the responsibility of the purchaser to call EPA customer service number (08 8632 6564) prior to any electrician leaving the job site if any problems occur.

• In-Home Warranty means EPA products must be installed/in-situ when the warranty claim is lodged.

• Any installing electrician costs and/or fees invoiced to the customer prior to the customer contacting EPA to lodge a warranty application will not be covered by EPA Pty Ltd.

• For any questions or troubleshooting advice please call EPA Australia on (08 86326564) during office hours Monday-Friday,     8.30am-5pm and speak to our customer service team.

• This warranty becomes void if the product was not installed as per the instruction manual by a qualified and licensed electrician. In addition, this warranty will be considered void if any, or all, of the following has occurred:  i) tampering with the product ii) product damage, repair by non-qualified electrician iii) becoming faulty due to improper use iv) normal wear and tear v) accident damage vi) product abuse, and/or failure to use the product in accordance with the instructions relating to the installation.

• This product is only covered by this warranty for a period of 120 days when used in a commercial application.

• Minor variations of speed between the same model EPA products may be evident and is not covered under this warranty.

• Any changes in climate conditions deemed by EPA Pty Ltd to be beyond reasonable control are not covered under this warranty.

• Any damage caused to walls, ceilings, furniture, carpet and/or any consequential damage caused within the establishment where this EPA product is being installed, is not covered under this warranty.

• Repairs carried out by the EPA approved service agent due to incorrect installation will be charged to the purchaser at the time of service. This warranty is limited to the product being repaired/replaced only by an approved EPA Pty Ltd service agent and does not include costs where the original installation was not carried out per the instruction manual. 


• The product warranty is limited to defects in workmanship only and does not apply to loss or damage caused by abnormal or excessive force of any kind from internal or external sources.

• This warranty does not cover electrical humming noises, wobbling or any other external influences.

• This warranty does not cover external factors such as poor power quality in the area or ripple current which can affect LED AC ceiling fans and LED light fixtures that are fitted into the ceiling fans.

• The costs associated with the hire of extension ladders and scaffolding to service ceiling fans installed on ceilings higher than 3 metres from the ground, will not be covered by this warranty. These costs will be borne by the customer not EPA Pty Ltd.


All claims for warranty must be accompanied with the following THREE documents:

1. COMPLETED WARRANTY FORM which can be found after this warranty statement or contact EPA customer service team for a copy of the warranty card. Following details must be filled in clearly:

i) Purchaser’s full name and contact details

ii) Full descriptions of the fault

iii) Product serial number (can be found on the top of the motor housing)

2. PURCHASE RECEIPT from the store or location the fan was originally purchased from.

3. INSTALLATION RECEIPT / TAX INVOICE / CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE for the installation of the EPA product from the installing electrician.        

PS: If one of the installing documents cannot be provided. EPA Pty Ltd will only accept a typed and signed letter on          \

a business letterhead from the installing electrician stating he/she installed the EPA product at your address along          

with a scanned copy of the electricians licence (in PDF or JPG format). An email or editable word document is not a        

sufficient installation document.

Upon receipt of the above mentioned documentation, EPA Pty Ltd will issue a service call to fulfil the conditions of this warranty.

EPA Pty Ltd reserves the right to change or amend any or all parts of this warranty statement at any time and without notice. 3/4/2019


All prices are in Australian Dollars and include GST. GST will be removed from your order if you are ordering from outside Australia.

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